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RPT, user manual

1/ Remote Radio side :

It is possible to connect my Asterisk server and remotely use certain of its services.

If a QSO is already established, you can incorporate yourself by the usual way.

If you are transmitting on its listening frequencies, all participants already connected VoIP side at this system or in radio standby through another Asterisk "node" connected (or other nodes) will listen your call and will be able to reply to you, if they wish. 

The only necessary thing is to own a DTMF keyboard to pass some instructions to Asterisk. This commands start by the asterisk ("*") character.

Following the Asterisk local authorizations and parameters, a certain number of commands are available.

Following are the main remote commands :

*1XXXX     node XXXX deconnection
*2XXXX node XXXX connection, monitoring only
*3XXXX node XXXX, connection, full traffic
*4XXXX node XXXX is switched in remote command
*7 linked nodes list
*80 node callsign
*81 system time
*82 "app_RPT" application version
*899 0dbm test tone

2/ IP-Phone side (hardware or software) under IAX2 protocol (Asterisk native) :

You must be authentified by my Asterisk server, or at another Asterisk node from our network that you are "arriving from", authentified itself in my server.

Connect yourlself to the 77010 subscriber number to access to my VHF station, by example.

You have the same commands as radio side (see at top), plus one important : the manual PTT :

*9        transmission
#          reception returning, to let other participants to reply radio side

3/ iaxRPT side, IAX2 softphone "hacked" by Jim Dixon WB6NIL, you must only to connect to 2090, for example, to access to my VHF radio, and push the CTRL PC keyboard key or the AltGr key to switch into transmission and talk.

4/ Voicemail access :

The voicemails are immedaitly sent as emails. They let stored on my server though and are available by calling voicemails service at 8500.

You are invited to indicate your voicemail number followed by your password. An IVR will guide you to listen, suppress, forward this message to another voicemail user with a comment, etc...

5/ The "nodes" list and the available "VoIP subscribers" are here :

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